Also known as "Structured Wiring", is simply a way of wiring a space that allows it to take advantage of the latest high speed communication technologies and entertainment systems and also, those that are due in the foreseeable future. Smart wiring involves low voltage cables that carry phone, data, & high definition digital audio and video signals around your home. After all these many wires get hidden within your walls All Sound diagrams and photographically catalogs them in our database for future reference.


The correct cable infrastructure will not only maximize the benefit of current systems and services, but will also help to future proof your home and provide the flexibility necessary to implement tomorrow's technology. 

A "structured wiring" network expands on basic wiring to allow the home's entertainment sources such as TV, Blu-Ray, Streaming Video or Music to be distributed to all rooms within the home, as well as remote control from any room - the kids can watch TV in one room, while you enjoy a movie without interruption.

For businesses, our pre-wire techniques allow intercom, high definition distributed audio and video, security, network infrastructure, and point of sale systems to be connected together seamlessly and unobtrusively, while maintaining the reliability that a wired system allows.

Share internet, email, music, and printers
[wired vs wireless]

Increase the family's security and safety.
Cameras can be installed at the front door or near the pool and their images will appear at every TV. Other areas, like the driveway, can be monitored, especially if you have a vehicle left out at night or lane-ways around the home.

New standards for tomorrow
Our state of the art techniques, are constantly refined not just for the present, but for the future. By constantly using the latest standards and techniques, your wiring will stay compatible with the latest technology for years to come.