Husband and wife team Eric and Sara Landis started All Sound Designs out of the back of their truck over a decade ago...

They had one simple vision, to deliver the latest and greatest home electronic systems that simplify people's lives. More than a decade later, All Sound Designs is at the forefront of Audio Video, Automation/Smart Home, and Security technologies. Delivering powerful trustworthy solutions through a dedicated team that cares about their customers.

Consultation Phase: A good design always begins with a connection. Our design team works with you on a person to person basis to understand your individual requirements. We want to build a system that works for your home or business, meets your needs, and works within your budget. To do that, we take the time to thoroughly understand your expectations to create the solution that is right for you.

Design Phase: Once we understand what you're looking for, our team of expert designers will create a comprehensive design proposal and revise it with you in real-time. Ultimately creating a design that is defined in scope, and fits your budget.

Installation Phase: Our friendly team of experts deliver, install, and program every component of your system. The system is then thoroughly tested and debugged so that the final product works as expected.

Service and Warranty Phase: As part of every large system we provide a 1 year service warranty. Beyond that first year, we can be available to help with any issues that may arise.



Sara Landis

Designer & Co-Owner

Sara is not only one of All Sounds designers but she is also a co-owner of All Sound Designs. She and her husband Eric Landis started All Sound out of the back of their truck more than a decade ago. Their goal was to deliver the latest and greatest home electronics systems that simplify peoples lives. More than a decade later, All Sound Designs is at the forefront of home automation and home electronics technology.

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Eric Landis

Designer & Co-Owner

Eric has a loved technology his whole life and worked as a professional in the field since he was 16 years old. Starting in car electronics he progressed into larger and more challenging electronic designs in residential and commercial systems. With a certain talent for technical creativity he is always pushing the boundaries of what can be done at the lowest possible price. His passion for authentic automated systems helped him develop a truly "Hands Free" approach to system programming that can change peoples lives. 

Outside of work Eric has a wife, 2 kids and a dog named Bosley who hangs out at the All Sound office most days. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking, Skiing, Climbing, Camping and the like. A love of cameras, also technology based, he also spends much of his time making videos and taking photos.

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Jim Fraser

Designer, Production Manager, Big Boss Man!

Everyone loves Jim! Not only is he an integral part of the team but the professionalism of All Sound Designs starts and ends with him. His care for the clients is next to none and he leads the team with kindness and gentleness. He has a literal lifetime of experience and loves all electronics from the venerable Hi-Fi record player to the latest & greatest digital automated residential & commercial technology systems. 

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Tony Taylor

Designer/Project Manager

Tony has spent most of his career in Project Management working in three different industries over the past 24 years. Starting with his degree in Environmental Sciences his work lead to him learning Production Management in Manufacturing. For the past 14 years Tony has worked primarily as a Project Manager in the Information Technology Home Integration industry. With all this experience he is now designing and selling state-of-the-art systems that he actively helps to manage from beginning to end.

Tony's long standing infatuation with technology began at an early age. After receiving his first Radio Shack electronics starter kit when he was 7 years old he began to take every electronic apart to see what was inside. His family grew frustrated with him as devices in his home no longer worked after he "examined" them, so his mother began bringing back old telephones and radios for him to take apart and learn to fix. Eventually, this grew into learning how to write basic programs in C++ language at 14. Throughout his life, Tony has always been tinkering with electronics but his love for audio and video became a passion when he designed his first THX surround sound system in 1994. Ultimately, his passion for his work has come in handy when building large complex integrated systems for clients. 

When he isn't designing cutting edge technology systems, Tony is spending time with his wife and four kids. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as Golfing, Cycling and Back Country Skiing. He also enjoys traveling, playing music and painting in his spare time.



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Adam Jacobson

Installer & Network Specialist

Ever since he was a kid Adam has liked to take things apart and figure out how they work.  This evolved into becoming the "go to" guy for friends who needed a car stereo system installed, help with computers, or pretty much anything electronic.  Born and raised in NJ but has lived in Colorado for the last 12 years, he has no desire to go back, Grand Junction has definitely become Home. Adam's strengths focus on customer interactions, networking, security and surveillance, and whole-house automation programming. If he doesn't know how to do something, he will quickly learn how to.  He thrives on troubleshooting all things that are difficult, and making sense of them.  

In addition to his work with All Sound, Adam also runs a business building custom computers and servicing existing machines his customers have called Computer Concepts Unlimited. When not working he enjoys getting outside to go fishing, skiing, and hiking, taking care of his animals, his house and landscaping, and taking his motorcycles and vehicles out to go on adventures around Colorado.

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Jeremiah Cadman

Installer & System Programmer

Jeremiah has been interested in electronics and speaker systems since he was a child growing up in Mesa, Colorado. He spent many hours disconnecting and reconnecting his family's stereo system to learn how it functioned and to "make it better." 

During college at Colorado Mesa University, Jeremiah worked part-time at Best Buy. He found that he had a knack for problem solving and troubleshooting displays. This lead to an opportunity working as the in-store technician tasked with running wire, maintaining displays, managing new product, and most importantly, hooking up the vast array of speakers and amplifiers in the store's theater room. 

Eventually, Jeremiah found that his skills could be better used working as a full-time audio/ video technician and has been working for All Sound Designs for the past six years. 

Jeremiah specializes in pre-wiring new homes, programming Control 4, and trouble shooting. His passion is home theater and distributed audio and he finds the most joy in delivering an exciting and rewarding experience for his customers. 

In his spare time, Jeremiah likes to play handyman around the house, listen to music, and spend time with his family. One day he hopes to have his own home theater, but will live vicariously through his customers for now. Jeremiah loves living in the Grand Valley with his wife and acclimating to parenthood with their toddler son.

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Joel Rosenstrauch

Joel is an Appalachian transplant who has been living in Grand Junction since 2000.   Before joining All Sound, Joel worked for 20+ years in the bicycle business.

Joel's interest in electronics started way back in the 80s with office computers brought home from the family business.  But it just started there.  Joel was the kind of kid who learns Morse Code - for fun.  As a teen he raced RC cars against full-grown adults, and won.   These days, Joel enjoys talking to his house, driving dangerously in his simulator, and watching over the neighborhood via hidden cameras.

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