Distributed Audio/Video
When we began designing our latest
advancement in multi-room technology, our
engineers did not limit themselves to just thinking
about how the system distributes music.
Incorporated into their design are unique
elements such as advanced video distribution
that permits both sound and images to be
routed to any room. Once the video switching
circuitry was developed, the team engineered
a sophisticated surveillance monitoring system,
permitting closed-circuit video cameras to
be integrated into the home. To facilitate interhome
communication using the same speakers
that play music, we also added advanced
paging features. The culmination of these
efforts has resulted in “Home Entertainment,
Surveillance, & Paging” (Home ESP) and it is
exclusive to ADA’s Suite 16 System.
ATON's system technologies are built on years of expertise in Audio and Video Routing, Control Systems and Loudspeaker Design. This combined knowledge has led to a comprehensive new line of Digital Signal Routing Products, Radio Frequency and Infrared Control Systems, and Architectural Speakers that provide affordable and innovative house-wide entertainment for consumers. The DLA multi-room speaker level audio routers with RF & IR remote control options are an industry first. The ATON Storm Series Speakers are designed with waveguide pivoting tweeters and custom components to create a dynamic listening experience. And our end-to-end digital audio router, with in-wall amplified touchpads, is simply groundbreaking. ATON's products are changing the way consumers and installers put technology in reach.
From Sonance Cinema® Series home theater systems to Sonance ThinLine™
in-ceiling speakers, we create precision audio products that fulfill all your needs and bring the right kind of sound to every part of your life.
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