Power Conditioners
A necessity for every home theater, these Power Management components are not only essential for getting the best sound and picture from your entertainment devices, but also for protecting those same devices from AC voltage irregularities and surges.

Vantage Controls


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* SMP provides the highest level of protection available
* LiFT significantly reduces AC line noise
* E.V.S. protects equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions
* Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components
* Power Factor Technology provides over 55 Amps peak charge surplus current for power-starved amplifiers
* Ultrasonic bi-filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components
* Retractable LED lamps illuminate a cabinet or rack full of equipment
* Detachable module for telco surge suppression and 3 pairs of cable / satellite TVSS isolated F-connectors
* 12 Volt triggering for remote control
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