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Savant is the "Single App" solution. In a world of complexity needing a different App for everything in your life is too much! Savant makes things simple. From the world class App to great universal remotes a Savant control system is great to live with.


What is home control? With more and more smart electronics playing a central role in our daily lives, they deserve an even smarter role at home. Control4 has the mastermind solution, making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with another—from locks to lights, doors to drapes—and you the ability to control them, no matter where you are. Create the perfect movie ambiance in one touch. Tell your thermostat what to do from Thailand. Manage music in multiple rooms. Get a text when your teenager comes home. Control4 gives you flexible solutions to design the home automation system of your dreams on a very real budget. Life's better when everything works together. This is your home with a brain. A genius idea, indeed.

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Universal Remote

Universal Remote

Our award-winning, flagship line - the Complete Control Series - offers premium home automation solutions for every purpose and every room. Our Home Theater Master Series features a full lineup of economically-priced remote controls that are designed for maximum flexibility and usefulness. All of the devices we advertise here in the Professional section of this website are designed to be programmed and installed by experienced custom installation professionals. Our remotes are powerful and quite advanced, and in the hands of a trained programmer they can be configured to exploit all of the rich features that provide maximum consumer benefits. While it may be possible for an advanced hobbyist to derive satisfactory results, it is our strong conviction, based upon extended experience, that our products will not deliver their maximum potential unless they are professionally programmed. We do advertise a number of advanced products designed and engineered for consumers to quickly setup on their own. These products are listed in the Consumer section of our website.

Use Example:
1. Turning on cable:
A. Simply press the CABLE button. You do not need to press the green ON button.
B. The remote will turn on all the equipment & screen will jump to the cable page.
C. The volume will automatically control sound on the Denon Amp.
D. Inside the activity on the lcd screen you will see several pages of buttons you can choose from. These are for special or advanced buttons that may not get used every day but every button for your devices will be in there!
2. Turning OFF
A. Press the red OFF button.
B. All pertinent equipment will turn off. (Note: Most Cable/Satellite boxes stay on all the time)
C. The remote screen will automatically jump to the Main/Home screen showing your list of activities for the next use.
3. Changing activities during operation
A. If you want to change activities while operation you will not see your options because you are "inside" the current activity.
B. Press the MAIN button & your one button activity list will show allowing you to choose what you want.

That's about all you need to know.


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