Video/Audio Systems
Imagine all throughout your home, in any room you choose, having simply a TV mounted on the wall, a remote in your hand and access to any show/movie/music of you desire. Whether you're entertaining guests, reading the Sunday paper, relaxing by the pool, or catching up on some work, it is more enjoyable when accompanied by your favorite music or show while at home. Centralized Video/Audio Systems provide this experience throughout your home in an attractive and easy to use manner.

All Sound Designs Benefits:
  • Clean in room control such as simply a TV on the wall, Speakers in the ceiling and a one touch remote in your hand and no other equipment to worry about.
  • In Room Local Source inputs such as an I-Pod that a guest could plug in to any room and play over the house system without even knowing how.
  • Easy to use, High Definition Video/Audio throughout your home, in an unobtrusive presentation
  • Multiple source components can be shared throughout your home (i.e. Computerized music, High Capacity CD/DVD Changer, Multiple satellite or AM/FM Radios, Satellite/Cable TV, VCR, etc.) These shared sources can be watched or listened to in different zones simultaneously with independent controls in each room
  • Distributed Audio System Speakers can be shared by a Sub-Stereo Location (SSL) and switched between the two systems automatically (Distributed & Local Source Equipment)
  • Water-resistant speakers and outdoor speakers can be incorporated into the system to provide music in damp locations (i.e. bathrooms and spas) or outdoors.