Pre-Wiring Technique
Also known as "Structured Wiring", is simply a way of wiring your home that allows it to take advantage of the latest high speed communication technologies and entertainment systems and also, those that are due in the foreseeable future. Smart wiring involves low voltage cables that carry phone, fax, data, & high definition digital audio and video signals around your home. After all these many wires get hidden within your walls All Sound takes digital photos of every wire & catalogues them in our database for future reference.

All Sound Designs Benefits:
  • We have refined our own techniques exceeding even industry standards to ensure rarely needing something added after the home is finished.
  • Digital photos of every wire for future reference.
  • Tough wiring methods to resist damage from other trade workers while home is being finished.
  • 8 Incoming RG6 Coax Wires & Cat5e to allow for any communication service: 4 for HD TV, 2 for High Speed Internet, 1 for AM/FM, & 1 for XM or Sirius Radio.
  • 4 RG6 Serial Digital & 2 Cat5e to each High Definition TV location for future proof Centralized Audio/Video Distribution.
  • RG6, 16/2, Cat5e, & 600 volt rated 14/2 to each Audio control location for any option keypad or touch-screen.
  • Internally located distribution panel with star configuration to all home outlets.
  • Higher Quality larger gauge wire for every application.
  • Water tight custom compression terminations
  • Wired Networking for fast downloadable media to TVs & other music or media players.

The correct cable infrastructure will not only maximize the benefit of current systems and services, but will also help to future proof your home and provide the flexibility necessary to implement tomorrow's technology.

A "structured wiring" home network expands on basic wiring to allow the home's entertainment sources such as TV, DVD, or Music to be distributed to all rooms within the home, as well as remote control from any room - the kids can watch TV in one room, while you enjoy a DVD without interruption. They can also channel surf from any room they choose!

Share internet, email, music, and printers
It also solves the problem of sharing an internet connection, email and hardware like printers. Considering that most homes now have more than one computer, a home network makes sense.

Increase the family's security and safety.
Cameras can be installed at the front door or near the pool and their images will appear at every TV. Other areas, like the driveway, can be monitored, especially if you have a vehicle left out at night or lane-ways around the home.

New standards for tomorrow
Traditional TV and phone cables and installation methods cannot support today's technology and are becoming obsolete. The new standards use CAT5E, RG6, and speaker cables wired in a star configuration from a service enclosure. This enclosure houses equipment such as modems, network routers & hubs, video distribution hubs, and audio distribution hubs.