Video & Audio Calibration
Buying top-of-the-line electronic components does not necessarily guarantee a great performing system. The showstopper here lies in the fact that not a single room is similar to one another and the manufacturers aren't able to use an ideal model to design their entertainment systems. This is where calibration comes into the picture. Unfortunately it can also be a complicated business to many.

Calibration is the final step in a full service offering, and is provided as part of the system purchase. This often over-looked service ensures that our customers are getting the most out of their investment - and the entertainment experience.

The audio system and video system will each benefit significantly through specific fine tuning using state-of-the-art calibration equipment endorsed by the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).


All Sound Designs Benefits:
  • Training, All Sound sends technicians all over the US to the best trainings available.
  • We can find that one right setting to maximize performance of any room.
  • All Sound owns over $10,000 in calibration equipment to provide a true professional setup.
  • Adjustment of each major setting of a TV or Video Display according to the ISF Standards to correct room environment issues such as: the combination of the projector light reflecting off the screen, ambient light, less than ideal seating positions & even wall & furniture color effects on the eye.
  • Day & Night Settings for counteracting varying ambient light levels.
  • Exact SPL (Sound Pressure Level) speaker balance of all speakers to maximize full surround sound.

All Sound Designs owns Sencore Calibration equipment & tools. For over 50 years, Sencore has specialized in Video and Audio technologies and is positioned as an industry leader in test and measurement equipment, as well as operational and demonstration products. Their Communications Group provides technology solutions for a wide range of customers such as broadcasters, manufacturers of broadcast hardware, video production engineers, cable operators, and retailers of video and audio products. Additionally the Home Electronics Group provides video test and calibration equipment to Custom Home Theatre and Commercial A/V installers.

Sencore offers an exclusive product line backed by the absolute best support in the industry. Our commitment is just beginning when you say "yes" to an investment in Quality Calibration.