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New Store Entry Way
New Store Entry Way

All Sound Designs is excited to announce its move UP, into our new state of the art fully automated showroom. We are featuring a wonderfully comfortable High Performance dedicated Home Theater. Audio and Video Auditioning room and a sleek and very functional conference room featuring a flushed into the wall flat panel monitor and invisible speakers. Come take a look at them! Pun intended you can’t see the speakers!

The green, energy efficient and convenient automated control system is a “Vantage” brand system that controls everything electronic Including: lighting, HVAC Thermostats, Audio/Video, Motorized Window Shading, Security/Surveillance & more. What this allows us to do is leave the electronics off in all of our rooms and the electronics and lights come on automatically when you walk in the given area. It is a feature we offer to all of our clients in new or existing buildings.

Our Home Theater is a multi-tiered seating screening room 18’ deep and 15’ wide. It features a Super High Performance Runco 1080P Projector with a CineWide “Super Wide” Lens and motorized masking Stewart Film Screen that eliminates the black bars and truly brings Hollywood Home. Amplification is handled by Krell with over 400 Watts per channel. We are featuring a 7.2 surround sound setup with 2 Sunfire Subwoofers with a 1500 Watt amp built into each one. We have an option of speakers to listen to including Focal, Sunfire, & Sonance. It is all controlled by a simple one button press from either a traditional universal remote or a top of the line 12” touch screen. Come spend some time with us and get lost in this wonderful Home Theater.

Our Video and Audio Auditioning Room is a Hybrid of your traditional retail speaker room filled with In-Wall/In-Ceiling, Bookshelf, & Floor Standing speakers to listen to but we also have walls full of TV’s to evaluate. We only show 1 basic size of multiple TV brands, types and qualities. This concept very much simplifies the education process to help you make a properly informed decision by comparing apples to apples. We show LCD, LED, Plasma, 720p, 1080p, 60HZ – 600HZ, and even have Pre & Post Calibration displays side by side so you can see the advantage of having a professionally trained technician setup your display device.

Our Speaker/Amplifier switching system is even unique and is special because we custom built our own matrix out of 220 Volt High Voltage relays. Traditional retail switching systems may limit amp wattage or induce interference into the signal so you do not get a true representation of how the electronics will perform once you take them home. Through our system we have the ability to actually take the 400 Watt per channel Krell Theater Amp and re-direct that to any speaker in the auditioning room. In this scenario we needed massive switching capability so you can listen to your new speakers from any amp 40-400 watts!